21 Feb, 2014

Want to change your posture?

21 Feb, 2014

Practicing this pose will change bad posture by opening the shoulders and the pectoral muscles.  Also it stretches the front stomach channel and lung channels increasing the digestive power, lung capacity and assisting lymphatic flow.


Table top preparation:
1. Sit on the floor.  Hands 10 inches behind the hips. Fingers pointing towards hips.
2. Feet, hands and knees are shoulder width apart.
3. Keep the elbows slightly bent, while lifting the breastbone to the sky.
4. The naval is drawing in and up gently while the feet softly press and connect to the floor.
5. Take 10-20 breath.


Table Top:
1. Use the above instructions and elevate the hips in line with the knees and shoulders.
2. Be mindful of lifting the collar bones up and even out the weight equal on hands and feet.
3. Relax and release the head backwards.
3. Take 10 breath and repeat once more.


Challenge Pose: Ganda bherundasana
1. Lying on the floor press hands into ground under shoulders, chin on the floor.
2. Come to a low push up position then drop knees and chin to the floor.  Keeping the shoulders and shoulder girdle and hips raised.
3. Inhale, lift the Right leg followed by the left leg by pressing hands deeply into the floor.
4. Bring the legs together and stay for 5-10 breaths.

Mr. Iyengar says it tones the entire spine and abdominal organs.  It stimulates nerve centers and glands in the pelvic, chest and throat area.  Due to the copious supply of blood to these glands, their functioning improves and this leads to increased vitality.