“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

– La Rochefoucauld


Nourishing food is essential for maintaining health and healing pre-existing symptoms and imbalances in one’s body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the history of nutrients, foods, herbs and wines is vast, and classic texts date back over 2,500 years. Specific types of food and nutrients can nourish the organs and maintain the free flow of qi.

Another essential aspect of nutrition in TCM is due to three major dietary irregularities:

  • Ingestion of raw, cold or unclean food
  • Overindulgence in fatty and sweet foods and overeating
  • Habitual consumption of liquor and spicy foods

Through TCM diagnosis, the client can utilize food as medicine to prevent illness, and assist in recovery.

Along with TCM, I can help you to understand about the nature of foods to support your health. Acids such as acetic acid, carbonic acid, fatty acids, lactic acid, and uric acid are all byproducts as your body functions.

Excessive acidity due to diet, stress, environmental toxins, will cause symptoms such as inflammation, difficulty healing, unclear thinking and chronic pain. Alkaline foods can help return the body to balance, restoring health.

As part of your treatment, I’ll provide guidance and information to help you make better food choices. Improved nutrition will help restore health and optimize the body’s normal functions. The idea is to eat simply, with moderation and enjoyment.