AIM (Attune In Motion) Yoga School

Aim Yoga School

AIM (Attune In Motion) Yoga School  offers a variety of workshops, which may be used for professional Continuing Education Credits (CE credits).  Please check with us for upcoming workshops.

Director: Natasha Grbich
Director + Co-facilitator: Coco Finaldi

Private Classes and Workshops

Yoga classes provide a beneficial sequence of yoga postures, married with breathing and cleansing techniques. It’s an all levels practice and can be adjusted to the needs of the practitioner.

Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Hatha and Rehabilitation yoga are primarily practiced and taught through AIM.

Hatha yoga encourages proper alignment of the body and brings balance, strength, and calmness to the practitioner.

Some of the classes are more of a Vinyasa style of Yoga, which is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, connecting and coordinating postural movement with breath inhalation and exhalation. This linking of breath with movement allows for a powerful energy building experience creating strength and flexibility through the body and deep relaxed clarity for the mind.

Two levels of yoga classes:

Level 1:  for the new practitioner

Level 1/2: for the practitioner with 2 or more years of experience

Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy Sessions in person or online: Why?

  1. To have a practice designed to accommodate any injuries, health concerns, or other limitations you may have.
  2. For guidance to achieve goals whether physical, spiritual, mental, and/or emotional.
  3. For friends, family, and couples who would like to share a more intimate experience in their yoga practice.

Please do speak with the teacher if it is your first time at the studio, and come early for your class.

What to wear:

Yoga involves a lot of movement, so wear something you are comfortable in to flow from one pose to another. You will likely be working up a sweat, so wear something breathable and moisture-wicking.

Contact Us

Please watch for new postings, sign up for email updates, or check with us for the upcoming workshops.

Phone: Mexico (52) 1 624 128 2530 
| Canada 1 604 202 0796


Aim Yoga School Director: Natasha Grbich
(Ra.c, E-RYT 500, DTCM)

– Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher
– Wandering Yogi Teacher training (200 hours) 2001, Vancouver, BC
– Teaching  Yoga since 2001
– Trinity Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) 2001-2003,  Vancouver, BC
Jivamukti Yoga School teacher training (300 hours) 2008, New York, USA.
– Since 2007, made bi-yearly sojourns, to train with Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga NYC, & Dharma Mittra, founder of the Dharma yoga center, NYC.
– Many years of personal practice
– Student and initiate of Guru Ajaib Singh Ji in the lineage of Sant Mat, India, since Birth.

Natasha was brought up in the Sant Mat spiritual tradition with the focus on vegetarianism, meditation, self study, satsang and mantra. As a result of knee surgery in 1999, she began using yoga postures as part of her rehabilitation. The physical as well as spiritual nature of yoga resonated. Teaching was a natural progression.

The Jivamukti yoga method, the Sant Mat spiritual tradition, and Daoism (the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine) created her understanding of balance, health and happiness.

Yoga cannot cure every condition, but it can substantially help most of them.”

Richard Munro, Ph.D., of Cambridge, England